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Idea 1: Make Your Brand Talkable

Idea 1
Make Your Brand Talkable

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is one of most effective communication strategies to help brands grow. Our brains are wired to look for proof from trusted sources, such as friends and family members. In today’s marketing landscape, you can easily leverage the experiences of your existing customers to influence the decision of others to try your brand.

The majority of healthcare professionals trust brand endorsements made by their peers. In market research when reviewing target product profiles, we hear all the time, "I will need to see two randomized controlled trials before considering prescribing this product. But, if a fellow colleague in my practice is already using it, I will give it a try."

Providing testimonials online, through sources other than a branded website, can boost prescribing your product. Sharing reviews from both practitioners and patients can further enhance brand uptake. Finally, leveraging peer "proof points" through round-table discussions, podcasts, and white papers can supplement the existing data of your brand.

Let's talk about how we cultivate this idea and grow your brand.



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