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Idea 2: Why Branding is Germane

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up organization, your product, service or company name was likely determined prior to launching your brand and before the seed of branding was planted. The right branding can make all the difference when it comes to reaping the fruits of your labors. Names are quite powerful, and while this is not a lesson in naming per se, we’d like to offer some perspective on the value of branding and, along the way, share some backstory on our company brand.

The word “bio” means “life” and the word “philia” means “love of.” Together, Biophilia is the name that best describes our love of life sciences. We are a group of highly skilled clinicians and marketing professionals that have dedicated our careers to the life sciences industry in order to grow brands. Our company logo showcases a seedling growing into the shape of a brain to connote our ability and passion for cultivating ideas and growing brands. This type of projective technique, known as brand personification, can help customers and colleagues connect better with your product, service or company.

In horticulture, germination is the process by which a plant grows from a seed. To develop our brand, we conceptualize germination as the process by which we partner with you at various stages of your brand’s lifecycle to ensure it flourishes in an ever-changing, and oftentimes hostile, environment. This process depends on both internal and external conditions. For seeds, the most important external conditions include water, oxygen, temperature, and sunlight. Various plants require different conditions for successful seed germination. In other words, not all conditions are right for every seed. The same holds true for brands. The success of a brand is closely linked to environmental conditions. In marketing terms, these conditions are usually referred to as market dynamics and include customer need, competition, perceived value and regulations. Notwithstanding, it is important to recognize that consumer emotion also drives behaviors and influences decisions, as well as creates price signals for your brand.

Some seeds lay dormant until subjected to specific conditions before they will germinate. This often requires a metabolic kick-start. Brands oftentimes need specific conditioning before they will germinate as well. As brands (and plants) mature, they will continually need to adapt to changes in environmental conditions if they wish to flourish. The catalyst for change for a plant is chlorophyll. This simple yet sophisticated chemical allows plants to adapt to the seasonal changes of their environment. What is the chlorophyll for your brand? Is your current agency offering transformative ideas that your brand needs to adapt to the ever-changing environmental conditions? Or…are they simply selling you fertilizer?

At Biophilia, our Brandscapers are experts at conditioning the market to ensure your brand grows. Let's cultivate ideas together and grow your brand.



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