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Alcohol Awareness, Part 4: How do I Reduce my Risks?

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Although drinking in moderation can be enjoyable and safe, certain people should avoid alcohol completely including, but not limited to, those who manage a medical condition that can be made worse by drinking and individuals who take a medicine that interacts with alcohol. If you choose to drink alcohol, then take whatever steps necessary to avoid putting yourself or others at risk for harm. For example, have a designated driver or get a ride (e.g., cab, Lyft, Uber) when drinking. Don’t use or operate machinery, drive a boat, swim, or walk in a dangerous area during or after drinking. In other words, take precautions and be safe when drinking alcohol.

If you sometimes drink more than limits provided in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans or have signs and symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder, consider whether it’s time to make a change in order to reduce your alcohol-related risks. It's up to you as to whether and when to change your drinking. Other people may be able to help, but in the end, it's your decision. Weighing your pros and cons and determining whether you’re ready or not can help. However, don’t wait to “hit rock bottom” or for a crisis to occur. When it comes to changing risky drinking, sooner is better than later.

biophiliapartners, cultivatingideas, growingbrands, marvinbowe, Marvin Bowe, kevinbain, Kevin Bain

If you're considering changing your drinking, you'll need to decide whether to cut down drinking or quit altogether. It's a good idea to discuss different options with a doctor, a friend, or someone else you trust. Even when you have committed to making a change, you still may have mixed feelings at times. Making a written “change plan” will help you with achieving your goals.

Keep in mind that small changes can make a big difference in reducing your risks for having alcohol-related problems. Whatever change approaches you choose, given them a fair trial. If one approach doesn’t work, try something else. Here are some tips to try to help you with your change plan.

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